From buying and selling aircraft to aircraft brokerage, private jet charter, private jet rental, aircraft leasing and fractional ownership, our business is to advise on all aspects of private and commercial aviation.

One of the most expensive corporate decisions is certainly the purchase of a company aeroplane or helicopter. But what makes sense? What type of aircraft should it be? Very light jet, light jet, midsize, super midsize, heavy jet, widebody, long range or ultra long range? Turboprop, jet, helicopter? One, two or better three engines?

Are there alternatives to buying a corporate jet that might suit the company better? Who will manage the corporate jet? Should the aircraft be sub-chartered to other companies? And who will do this?

Either way, the wrong decisions are likely to prove extremely costly down the line. We can help you make the right decisions. Our company has been involved in the global charter and trading market for many years. You can benefit from our experience and worldwide contacts.

Whether you need a new or pre-owned aircraft, a private jet, a turboprop, a helicopter, a freighter or a passenger aircraft, we are happy to work with our international partners on your behalf.

Our company also advises authorities, government organisations and non-government organisations on buying, selling and chartering for a wide variety of purposes.